First responder solutions –
Operational less than 30 minutes from arrival

robust and resilient

seamless integration with paper forms

New technology and workflow so data recorded on paper can be instantly available in the electronic record

Fully adaptable and auditable

Sophisticated forms can be quickly designed and implemented. Everything done with SATIS is completely auditable and is time, date, user and location stamped.

instant management information

Even with paper records, management information can always be up to date, enabling rapid and appropriate responses

control movement of persons

Using SATIS Tally, the locations of all people on site can be monitored and managed in real time.

share data with other agencies

innovative methods to allow agencies to collaborate by sharing information. Even sensitive personal information may be shared across borders whilst complying with information governance regulations..

chosen by UK-emt

SATIS has been chosen by UK-EMT, the United Kingdom’s emergency medical response unit for use as a field electronic patient record and management system. Emergency medical applications of SATIS are being developed by L2S2 in collaboration with UK-EMT.