Resilience and security are crucial functions of an emergency response system. SATIS has been designed for the environment and comes in pre-wired packs that are ready to be unrolled and suspended from the bar of a tent on arrival, ready for use within a few minutes of arrival.

SATIS has a highly secure operating paradigm:

  • End to end AES 256 encryption is used for all data, both in storage and in transit for security. All user accounts have strong two part security functionality and access to different functions is controlled using groups and sophisticated individual permissions.
  • SATIS does not need an internet connection to operate and creates its own local Wi-Fi network using powerful transmitters that will operate up to a 100m radius. Multiple transmitters may be used to extend the area covered.
  • Three servers may be used to create a fully resilient system with automatic failover for mission critical applications.
  • SATIS will work for some hours off its batteries in the absence of a generator and the server batteries may be hotswapped.